LifeBahn is a community of global citizens who believe that the increasing gap between the rich and the poor poses an existential threat to world security. 

The goal of the broader community (LifeBahn) is to reduce the global wealth gap through collaboration and education. It is owned and operated by its membership.

1) GREAT@ Academy – a repository of free and paid courses for members of the community to learn, grow, and thrive. Both students and teachers are members of LifeBahn, and proceeds go back into the community.

2) HelpXchange – A platform to request and offer voluntary services, skills, and donated goods.

3) LifeBahn Path to Prosperity  – A work exchange platform to help people grow (like an orchard!). Think Fiverr or Upwork, but with a co-op model.
4) LifeBahn Community  – Where like minded people work together to help each other succeed and make the world a better place by.