LifeBahn Community

LifeBahn is a community of global citizens who believe that the increasing gap between the rich and the poor poses an existential threat to world security. 

The goal of the broader community (LifeBahn) is to reduce the global wealth gap through collaboration and education. It is owned and operated by its membership.

LifeBahn Community in action

The community is in action from the very beginning, conceiving the idea, creating the vision,  planning and preparing. As the infrastructure is developed the community will be using the infrastructure to build smaller communities and enterprise within the LifeBahn community to achieve ‘Whole’ prosperity for that community, consisting of four aspects of prosperity; Personal, Financial, Emotional and Spiritual. 

Personal Prosperity is achieved through Health Management. 

Financial Prosperity is achieved through Resources Management. 

Emotional Prosperity is achieved through Stress Management. 

Spiritual Prosperity is achieved through Relationships  Management.