Chaos Erupts in Taiwan Parliament as MP Makes Dramatic Dash to Stop Bill

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In a dramatic turn of events at the Taiwan Parliament, chaos ensued over a controversial reform bill, leading to a Member of Parliament taking drastic action to prevent its passage. The incident, captured in an online video, reflects the intense political tensions surrounding key legislative decisions in the country.

The Dramatic Dash

During a heated dispute over the reform bill, Member of Parliament Guo Guowen took swift action by snatching the bill documents and attempting to run away with them. The video footage captured the chaotic scene as Guo Guowen's actions disrupted the parliamentary proceedings.

Political Context

The turmoil unfolded just days before President-elect Lai Ching-te's inauguration on Monday, following his victory in January's election. Despite the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) not having a majority in the legislature, tensions have escalated as the opposition parties, primarily Kuomintang (KMT) and Taiwan People's Party (TPP), seek to assert their influence.

The opposition alliance aims to grant parliament more power to oversee government actions, including measures to hold officials accountable for falsehoods during parliamentary sessions. This contentious agenda has sparked fierce debates and clashes within the parliament.

Scenes of Chaos

Before the actual voting commenced, chaos erupted outside the legislative chamber, with lawmakers engaging in heated exchanges and physical altercations. Inside the parliament, scenes of pandemonium unfolded as lawmakers resorted to dramatic gestures, including jumping onto tables and pinning down colleagues in a bid to assert their positions.

The escalating tensions resulted in injuries, with one lawmaker hospitalized after a fall during the chaotic scenes. The confrontations underscored the deep divisions and strong emotions surrounding the proposed reforms and parliamentary procedures.

Political Responses

The DPP condemned the actions of the opposition parties, accusing them of pushing through proposals without proper consultation and labeling it as an "unconstitutional abuse of power." Lawmakers representing different constituencies expressed contrasting views, with DPP's Wang Mei-hui emphasizing the importance of open discussions and diverse voices in governance.

In contrast, KMT's Jessica Chen defended the reforms, stating they were aimed at enhancing legislative oversight and challenging the DPP's dominance in decision-making. The history of political confrontations, including past incidents like the pig guts protest in 2020, highlights the ongoing tensions within Taiwan's political landscape.



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The dramatic dash and ensuing chaos in the Taiwan Parliament reflect the complexities and challenges of democratic governance, especially in contexts of political polarization and power struggles. As Taiwan navigates these turbulent political waters, the need for constructive dialogue, respect for parliamentary norms, and responsible governance remains paramount to address pressing legislative issues and uphold democratic principles.