Underestimate American People - at Your Own Peril: TRUMP APPEALS to BLACK & LATINO Voters

Through LifeBahn Lens

Trump is up to his old tricks again.  Not only is he going after the black and Latino voters because he thinks, actually believes, that he is too smart for them and they are not smart enough to see through his snake oil salesman’s tricks Here he is using AI to create fake images.

The Achilles heel of all con men is that they actually believe the BVS that they dish out and are therefore easiest to con themselves.

He really believes that he is smarter than everybody and that most people are dumb.  The smart ones, he avoids. Have you noticed he is always appealing to the people in the Midwest and South and away from the intellectual crowds on both the East and West coasts especially the young educated Americans?

Well, he underestimated the American people in the last election and he is underestimating them again in this election.

The American people have worked too hard and sacrificed too much to create this great democracy and build the greatest nation on earth to let a con man destroy it to satisfy his thirst for power.

Yes, sir, he has misread the American people. 

They are a trusting nation and he thinks they will believe whatever he says, sooner or later they will see through his lies and that will be the end of this nightmare.

He thinks that he can use the economy and the political system to borrow money and show the people short-term benefits for which they have to pay later and they will keep buying it.  The people will soon learn that:

Pay now or pay later;  later is always more expensive.

They will soon realize that:

  • Historically, during the republican times, the national debt goes up

  • People share this borrowed money, the rich get a lot more than the poor until 

  • The reality hits home, usually after a crisis like the crash of 2008

  • The democrats are voted in to fix the economy, which usually means tightening your belt. This is what all moms, who have to deal with the daily bills,  fully understand.

It is just a matter of time before the people get sufficiently educated and stop being manipulated before the republican party goes back to its own roots and once again becomes a real conservative party. 


While competition is a good way to succeed for a FEW,
Collaboration is a BETTER way to succeed for MANY.

Let's hope this election is the turning point, which is not about TRUMP or BIDEN, but about Autocracy or Democracy.

It ia about dividing people the standard MO of Trump or 

uniting people the foundation of democracy and bringing people together.   Remembering that