Complex Numbers

Definitions  &  Algebra
Complex Plane
Powers & Roots of Complex Numbers (incl. DeMoivre’s Theorem)
Roots of Unity & Euler’s Formula

Integral Calculus - I

Anti- Derivatives (All) ,  Recognizing  f’(x)/f(x) 
Integration by substitution
Integration by Parts& other Methods
Integration by Partial Fractions
Area under a curve & Definite Integrals & Fundamental Theorems of Integration 
Area between curves & Volumes of revolution
Modelling Linear Motion

Integral Calculus - 2

Solving Differential Equations(DEs), separtion of variables & Logistics DEs
Solving other types of  Differential Equations
Numerical Solutions: Euler’s Method
Maclaurin’s & Taylor Polynomials 
Power Series


Equations of Planes & intersections

Probability Distributions

Probability Distribution Functions, Expected Values & Variance
The Binomial Distribution
Continuous Distribution
Normal Distribution
Expectation Algebra
Unit 1 Functions Basics

Unit 1 Functions Basics
Week of 12 Sep 2023

2.1 Functions Overview

2.2 Reciprocal Functions

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