Melinda French Gates to Donate $1 Billion for Women’s Rights

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Billionaire philanthropist Melinda French Gates announced on Tuesday her commitment to donate $1 billion (£782.4m) over the next two years to support women’s causes and gender equity worldwide. This significant pledge aims to address what she sees as the chronic underfunding of women's issues.

Major Allocations

Of the total commitment, approximately $200 million (£157m) will be directed towards organizations fighting for gender and reproductive rights in the United States. This decision follows the 2022 Supreme Court ruling that overturned the constitutional right to abortion, which has galvanized many activists and philanthropists to increase their support for reproductive rights.

Strategic Distribution

The funds will be managed and distributed through Pivotal Ventures, Ms. French Gates' investment and incubation company, by 2026. A portion of the money, $20 million (£16m), will be allocated to a diverse group of 12 global leaders who will then distribute these funds to organizations of their choice.

Additionally, Pivotal Ventures plans to set aside another $250 million (£196m) in the autumn to support global organizations focusing on women’s mental and physical health. 

Focus on U.S. Organizations

Ms. French Gates emphasized the importance of protecting women’s rights and advancing their power and influence within the United States. One of the notable grant recipients is the Center for Reproductive Rights, which is actively involved in legal battles across several states to protect abortion rights. The Center's chief communications and marketing officer, Joung-ah Ghedini-Williams, highlighted the critical need for such funding amid heightened public debate and insufficient donations.

Other beneficiaries include:

- MomsRising: An organization that supports women’s economic security.

- National Women’s Law Center: Focuses on using law to improve gender equity.

- The 19th: A nonprofit media outlet dedicated to gender and policy news.

- National Domestic Workers Alliance: Advocates for the rights of millions of domestic workers in the US.

Long-Overdue Support

Ai-Jen Poo, president of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, underscored the importance of this financial commitment. She noted the flexible terms and multi-year security provided by the grant, emphasizing the overdue nature of such support for women who make up a significant portion of the workforce and electorate, and perform the majority of care work.

A Call for Greater Funding

In her New York Times guest essay, Ms. French Gates stressed the high costs of underfunding women’s causes. "When we allow this cause to go so chronically underfunded, we all pay the cost," she wrote. Reflecting on her granddaughter's future, she highlighted the shocking prospect that future generations of women may have fewer rights than those available today. She also remarked, "While competition is a good way to succeed for a few, collaboration is a better way to succeed for many," emphasizing the importance of collective effort in achieving  widespread success.

While competition is a good way to succeed for a FEW,
               Collaboration is a BETTER way to succeed for MANY.


Melinda French Gates' $1 billion pledge represents a powerful step towards addressing gender inequity and supporting women’s rights globally. Her strategic allocation of funds aims to ensure that critical issues like reproductive rights, economic security, and legal equity receive the attention and resources they deserve, sparking a broader conversation about the need for sustained and bold investment in women’s issues.