State of LifeBahn - Update #1

Through LifeBahn Lens

Following the launch of the LifeBahn on July 4, we are excited to continue our daily posts, exploring the world through the LifeBahn lens.

AutoBahn’ is a road for cars in Germany, LifeBahn is the path to prosperity for people.

Through the LifeBahn lens, we see only human beings.

We are socialism, capitalism-, sexism, racism, or any other -ism, but humanism, blind.

We believe that:

While competition is a good way to succeed for a FEW,
Collaboration is a BETTER way to succeed for MANY.

State of LifeBahn - Update #1

Launch of the GREAT@ Academy

On July 4th, inspired by the Independence Day celebration of freedom, we also launched our GREAT@ Academy with its first introductory program, "A Lifetime of Education in 52 Weeks." This one-year, cost-free program is for anyone who ‘wishes to do better’ at whatever it is that they aspire to. The first session was on July 4th, and all subsequent sessions will continue on Sunday, July 14th, at 10 am EST (NY time), which is 4 pm CET.

This education program is one part of a three-part initiative to build a virtual collaborative community to put into practice its founding principle and to help the other 99% do better and perhaps reduce the prosperity gap, aligning with the LifeBahn core mission.

A Pakistani artist/activist posted this picture under the banner ”Pakistani System”.  But we believe this captures the essence of the global state of affairs and hopefully is a stark reminder that we should keep right in the very forefront as inspiration. 

Strategy and Plan for Success

The strategy and plan for the success of this mission consist of:

1- Maintaining this blog: Every Sunday, the post will be an update on the state of the LifeBahn community. Saturday will be a day off, and the other five posts during the week will look at current events through the LifeBahn lens to better understand the REAL impact of these current affairs on our lives.

2- Delivering the 52 weekly sessions: Wealth Management: Learning about money, a key component for making our lives better.

The Life Process: Understanding life and our environment better, which will help us live better.

Life Lessons: Sharing 52 most relevant lessons learned over the years that have helped make life better, hoping they will help you too.

3- Building & Growing Enterprises: Collaborating within the community to provide value to the world, generating wealth for LifeBahn, which will be shared among its members in proportion to their contributions. This is not socialism but a fair system.

Current Status: The State of the Community

We have taken the first step, which is often the hardest. Now, we learn to do better by learning from each other and helping each other succeed in common missions.

Challenges and Fixes:

1- Registration Process: Many people who were invited could not attend the inaugural session because the registration process was too cumbersome, inconvenient, and confusing. This has been fixed on the new site.

2- Fees Confusion: There was confusion about the fees. Even though the sessions are FREE, it appeared that people were being asked for money. This too has been fixed. The clarification is that while the courses are free, there is an opportunity for those who find this mission valuable and would like to contribute to the community. Absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

This concludes today’s update number 1. If you have questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our support team, and we will do our best to respond.

Thank you for your time.