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We believe that:

While competition is a good way to succeed for a FEW,
           Collaboration is a BETTER way to succeed for MANY.

An important topic relevant to humanity in the current affairs of today’s world is the upcoming US elections and the choice of the American people between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. We will look at it from a human perspective, not with any political, religious, or other biased point of view.

This is how we understand this contest, a conflict of ideologies between democratic values and modern-day republican values. Based on the divide within the Republican Party, it seems that values and the guiding principles of the Republican Party are changing compared to those of the Ronald Reagan times.

However, if you watch the coverage in the media, not social media, which is even worse, and listen to the experts, they discuss so many issues and aspects of this election that your head would spin. This is exactly the intent: to keep our attention diverted from the main issue, which is to choose a president who is good for the whole country as well as the world based on who is BETTER for US.

This is a typical shell game, also known as the three-card monte. This game is really simple. A guy stands behind a table with three seashells and one pearl, which is under one of the three shells. The guy lifts one of the shells and shows you the pearl. He then picks up the shells and the pearl, juggles them, and places them on the table with the pearl hidden. You can bet money to guess where the pearl is, and if you are right, you get the pearl and keep the money or you lose the money. Obviously, anyone who thinks they are going to win the pearl or any money on any of these shell games is really naive. So it is with casinos and most political contests.

The SMART thing to do is not to get involved in these shell games. However, in the case of elections, you have no choice because we are involved, not in the election process but its outcome. So whether we like it or not, the AMERICAN election in November affects all of us. It MATTERS if Donald Trump gets elected or not. It is unfortunate, and frankly un-American, that the election has become about Donald Trump rather than any ideology, which is exactly what he wanted.

But when we cut through all the hype and the noise and the crazy stuff he does (deliberately), we see that it is simply a shell game at which he is a master. When you get to the core of the election, you will see that it is simply about the haves and have-nots, the employers vs the employees, the 1% vs the 99%. Let's be clear, this is not to suggest that Donald Trump represents the 1% and Biden & the Democrats the 99%. No! The whole political institution has evolved, not accidentally, towards the corporate and industrial complex. The only question is who takes advantage of the common people the most.

Donald Trump, by far, does the most damage to the common folk than does Biden or the Democrats. And the math behind it is not that complicated; once you cut through all the bullshit!

Let me illustrate. Imagine that you are barely making ends meet and get an unexpected bill such as a health emergency. And you are presented with two options:

1- One friend offers a credit card, which you can use immediately and pay back later.

2- A second friend offers a job opportunity with a possible advance.

The second friend is a REAL friend. The first one is a classic case of who needs enemies with friends like that. The first one is not a friend at all but rather a wolf in sheep's clothing. Why? Because with a credit card at a 24% interest rate, all you will be doing is digging a deep hole that will be very hard to climb out of. If you have friends like that, dump ‘em quick!

Unfortunately, most people will probably opt for friend number one. A really big mistake!

This is exactly the same choice all Americans have in the next election: vote for Trump, the Republicans, or any other person. Unfortunately, at the moment, the only real option is a Democrat, the lesser of the two evils. This is why?

Why do people vote for Trump? One is a group of well-off people, with disposable income invested in the stock market and also because they are the employers, they get tax breaks so overall it is good for them economically. The stock market does well during Republicans and there is plenty of free money in tax breaks and low-interest rates.

The other group is one who thinks they are getting a tax break as well and feel economically better, but that is because the country is borrowing more money, this is the credit card offered by the first friend. Guess who has to pay off the country's debt, which incidentally is almost 35 trillion dollars. In other words, each of us Americans owes over $103,000 in addition to any other debt we might have. How many of us earn enough to pay off this debt?

Now you don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that you need to have a salary of over $103,000 to have the slightest chance of ever paying off this debt. What do you suppose is the average family income in the US, the richest nation on the planet? Ready!!!!!!!

You do the Math!

The reality is that during the Republicans' rule, the debt goes up, and during the Democrats, it goes down. The last time the US was debt-free was in 1835. I think the last time the budget was balanced was during the Clinton era. Whereas during Republican times, the debt keeps going up. Between 1980 and 1990, the US debt tripled – these were the Republican, Reagan & Bush presidencies.

LifeBahn perspective – In one of our weekly sessions of the “education continuum’s” program for a lifetime of education in 52 weeks – we share a key life lesson:

 “Pay Now or pay later — Later is so much more EXPENSIVE.”

While all the pundits, experts, political analysts, and the media, regardless of which channel, Fox, CNN, etc., are all talking about the stupid debate, or who should replace Biden or even the trials of Trump, they are not doing service to the people who rely on them to give them accurate information on which to base their election decision.

They are all becoming an instrument of the system and part of the shell game!

All they have to do is to tell the truth – that electing Republicans is to increase debt by making the rich richer and the poor more indebted so that they are even more dependent on the jobs that are controlled by them.

It is not that the people are incapable of making smarter decisions, but rather that they are misled into making decisions that are harmful to themselves economically and personally.  Through the LifeBahn lens, things are a little clearer and help us make Smart Decisions.

And based on this chart above, do we need to burden ourselves with more debt or be smart and elect a Democrat and hold them to account for reducing the debt, while the Republicans get their act together and truly start looking after the whole country, not just the rich and stop being divisive while pretending to be making America great again, which it already is.