Who hurts US most

Through LifeBahn Lens

Following the launch of the LifeBahn blog on July 4, we are excited to continue our daily posts, exploring the world through the LifeBahn lens.


Just as ‘AutoBahn’ is a road for cars in Germany, LifeBahn is the path to prosperity for people. And through the LifeBahn lens, we see only human beings - we are color-, gender-, sect-, socialism, capitalism, sexism, racism, or any other -ism but humanism, blind.

We believe that:

While competition is a good way to succeed for a FEW,
Collaboration is a BETTER way to succeed for MANY.


In our first post yesterday, we looked at the upcoming US Presidential Elections - an important global event that affects all of us across the globe. This election is the main topic of conversation, not necessarily at every kitchen table but in the media, both traditional and social.  In our post we looked at this event from the LifeBahn perspective and pointed out that our election choice should not be about Republicans or Democrats, or Trump or Biden, but about under which Presidencey will we be better or worse off?  


We looked at our National debt as a means of determining that. And we noted that it seems to rise under both parties, but much more so under the Republicans than the Democrats.

We also surmised that it really is about the 1% vs the other 99%, based on the statistic that 1% of the population controls or owns over 50% of the global wealth.

We, therefore, concluded that  it really is about the control of wealth, which consists of global resources. Let’s see if we can understand this in much simpler terms.  

Imagine that the US Treasury is where all of us (350 million US citizens) put all our share of the resources (taxes) every year.  And each year this money gets used up to provide essential services we need for our daily lives. If so, according to the REAL factual information above, each of us has been enjoying these services so much, and living beyond our means to such an extent, that we have overspent by over $103,000, and this overspending is growing at an alarming rate. 

Click here if you want to see how much debt we are incurring in real time.

This is the simple question we need to ask ourselves: during our WORKING lifetime, have we been enjoying life worth this kind of debt? No doubt many of us may have; the 1% certainly have, and perhaps even a 10%, but the majority of us probably have not. Yet we keep electing people and putting them in charge of our treasury who are not helping us increase our wealth, rather they are reducing it for the vast majority. And still, the vast majority seems to want to elect those who are harmful to us. WHY??

Because the minority who benefits from this confuses voters by focusing on the wrong things, such as the age of the candidates and whether Biden should step down or not, etc - the old ‘shell game’. 

It frankly matters not one bit which candidate, what really matters is who is going to steal from us more.  It appears that Trump will do it with impunity, and not only put us in debt even more but might also rob us of our very hard-earned democracy, turning our republic into a dictatorship.  All in the name of making America Great Again, which it was but it is becoming less great, especially under Trump’s previous presidency.

There is an old saying: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

In our view, it is really that simple.  

And this is the LifeBahn perspective. If you want to learn more about this perspective, we have launched an initiative called ‘A lifetime of education in 52 weeks’.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.